Three Factors that Will Determine How Much You Make on Your Salvage Car

20 September 2019
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Not many people understand the system used to value and appraise cars by auto wreckers. For instance, a vehicle which was bought in the '90s, and has been driven for more than 100,000 kilometres could be valued the same as the one which was bought in 2007 and has been driven for less than 50,000 kilometres. Such situations typically happen because the only tool that auto wreckers use to assess and value vehicles is the weight of the scrap metal. Read More 

Car Trailers: Towing Safety Tips

28 June 2019
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Moving heavy loads down the road can be an extremely tricky process. It does not matter whether it is a boat trailer, car trailer or a camper; towing a trailer is still a complicated process, even for a towing professional. So, when driving a car with another pair of wheels behind it, there are several issues to keep in mind. These issues not only prevent accidents, but they also keep you from harming yourself and other drivers while towing. Read More 

Essential Guide for Selecting Specialised Castors for High-Temperature Operations

24 June 2019
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Castors play a critical role in industrial facilities because they facilitate the movement of material in, out and around the facility. Therefore, a standard polypropylene caster wheel will do if you are an equipment manager in an industrial facility where temperatures don't exceed60 degrees Celsius. The wheels will function normally and give you excellent service throughout their entire service life. However, if the environment likely goes beyond 60 degrees Celsius, then you need specialised castors. Read More