What Should You Know About a Gearbox?

11 October 2019
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The gearbox is also referred to as a transmission box or torque converter. The latter might be a new term for you but it means that the gearbox is used to maintain the correct torque as you drive on different kinds of road surfaces. As you drive on smooth, rough, inclined or flat roads during any weather condition with a particular vehicle load, you need to change the torque and speed of your vehicle accordingly. Read More 

Three Factors that Will Determine How Much You Make on Your Salvage Car

20 September 2019
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Not many people understand the system used to value and appraise cars by auto wreckers. For instance, a vehicle which was bought in the '90s, and has been driven for more than 100,000 kilometres could be valued the same as the one which was bought in 2007 and has been driven for less than 50,000 kilometres. Such situations typically happen because the only tool that auto wreckers use to assess and value vehicles is the weight of the scrap metal. Read More 

What goes into choosing the right motor oil for your engine?

16 July 2019
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A fresh supply of motor oil helps your engine remain cool, clean and lubricated. Without timely oil changes, your motor may become gradually damaged—and you may also experience engine knock. In fact, failing to change or top up your oil may ultimately result in a damaged engine. This is why it's important to select the right engine/motor oil. Not all types of oil are the same, and motorists need to consider the specific needs of their vehicle before adding a fresh supply of oil. Read More 

Three Things to Avoid When Your Windscreen Is Cracked

15 July 2019
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While all motorists want to keep their car in pristine condition, some accidents prove unavoidable such as a crack in your windscreen. Cracked windscreens are pretty common and for that reason, some people may overlook them as a minor issue that can get fixed weeks down the road. In truth, a crack in your windscreen should be treated as an auto emergency since this type of damage not only puts you at risk of an accident, but also poses a threat to other motorists and pedestrians. Read More 

How to Fix Your Car’s Electrical Problem When You Don’t Have Any Time to Spare

13 July 2019
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There's no such thing as a "convenient" time when it comes to a broken-down car. However, this may happen when you're on the way to an important meeting or going to collect your child from school and you really cannot afford the inconvenience. At times like these you will want to find any shortcut in order to restore functionality, and the good news is that there are a couple of things to try if you're having problems starting the car. Read More