Three Factors that Will Determine How Much You Make on Your Salvage Car

20 September 2019
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Not many people understand the system used to value and appraise cars by auto wreckers. For instance, a vehicle which was bought in the '90s, and has been driven for more than 100,000 kilometres could be valued the same as the one which was bought in 2007 and has been driven for less than 50,000 kilometres. Such situations typically happen because the only tool that auto wreckers use to assess and value vehicles is the weight of the scrap metal. Before you decide whether to resell an old car or have it wrecked, it is important to understand the factors which will determine its value. 

The Age of the Vehicle

Vehicles give you their best service one to ten years after their purchase. By the time they are hitting the ten years mark, the engine starts losing its efficiency and all other systems need to be replaced. If your vehicle has reached a point where it will cost a lot to repair, it is time to think about having it wrecked. If your vehicle is less than ten years old and has been involved in an accident which might have compromised some of its crucial systems, you should also think about having it salvaged.

When the Vehicle Has Stopped Running

As the vehicle ages, many systems start failing. It reaches a point where the car is costing you more to repair and maintain than it would cost to salvage it and get a new one. It is advisable to stop investing in repairs for a car which has shown signs of excessive wear and tear.  

Appraiser's Comments

Most people treat car appraisers with suspicion because they are out to make a profit from the loss of their vehicle. However, if you are keen about what the appraiser says, you will figure out whether they are encouraging you to resell the car or have it wrecked. For instance, if it is a 2010 model which has new wheels, all of the parts are well-maintained and functional and they value it at less than four hundred dollars, then you are better off selling it as used.

Deciding whether to sell or salvage a car is one of the most complex decisions you would have to face. When making this decision, it is advisable to ask for the expert opinion of an auto mechanic. They can even help you figure out the approximate amount of money that you are likely to get for the wrecked car.

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