Why Dry Hire Cranes Offer Great Value

16 June 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Cranes are very crucial pieces of equipment on many building sites. They complete tasks that would take a hundred workers and dozens of smaller machines several days in just a few moments, and they can really speed up production. They come in several sizes as well, but if you need more than just a car-attached crane, then odds are, you are going to need to rent it. When you rent cranes, you have two options: dry hire or wet hire. Using dry hire cranes means that you are not provided with a crane operator, and for many companies, that is a great proposition.

Many Construction Companies Will Have A Licensed Crane Operator

It is fairly unusual for a construction company of any moderate size to not have someone in the employment pool that has a crane license. Many professionals will have multiple licenses for different pieces of equipment, from forklifts to bulldozers. Cranes are popular options as well because they are featured on bigger jobs that last longer, so theoretically, it is a more stable source of income. By providing your own crane operator, instead of the one from the rental place, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Your Employee Can Do More Than Just Operate The Crane

While operating a crane is essential work, there will be periods of time where you don't actually need it and want the operator who was using it to help do something else. If you are using wet hire, then chances are the operator will have it stipulated in their contract that they only do crane work, and they will not feel comfortable completing other tasks. Dry hire cranes, on the other hand, allow you to allocate your workforce in whichever way you see fit, and many hands make light work, so this can be a major benefit. 

Feel Less Constrained

While many crane operators that are provided by rental companies are great team members and easy to get along with, it can be a little awkward if they have a different viewpoint or idea about how to complete certain tasks. If it is your own employee, then they understand the hierarchy you are operating in and problems will get ironed out a lot smoother. In general, using dry hire cranes provide less opportunity for conflict, and that is always a benefit when it comes to a busy construction site where everyone might have an opinion.