Dire Consequences of Putting Off Brake Repairs

2 July 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Your brakes are one of the systems in your vehicle that are crucial to your safety. Unfortunately, some motorists are unaware of the fact that their driving practices are exerting excessive strain to the braking system, which in turn will lead to serious damage. Doing things such as overloading your vehicle, stopping abruptly and so on can lead to extensive damage to your brakes, and it is important to avoid such practices. Nonetheless, some motorists may overlook problems with their brakes under the false impression that they have time to repair the issue. Below are some of the dire consequences that you are going to face when you put off brake repairs.

Damaged tyres

Every motorist knows how expensive it is to replace their car's tyres. But if you are not taking care of your braking system, its degradation will have a direct impact on your tyres. Since the brakes are not functioning at optimal levels, it means you will have to apply excessive pressure on the brake pads for the system to work. This hard braking causes the rubber on the tyres to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. Moreover, a damaged braking system can also lead to your tyres to become misaligned and unbalanced.

Damaged rotors

The moment that your brake pads start to succumb to damage and are not repaired post haste, one of the first components to suffer will be the rotors. When you are slowing down or bringing your car to a complete stop, your foot comes into direct contact with the brake pads. When the brake pads are shot, it means the pressure applied by your foot is exerted directly onto the rotors. This constant exposure to pressure will cause the rotors to warp. And if this is not remedied, then it is only a matter of time before they crack or become ground down completely. Rotor replacement is extremely expensive, so it is critical to be wary of symptoms such as squealing and strange smells that are indicative of this problem.

Damaged calipers

Additional important auto parts in the brake system are the calipers. The clamps of the calipers function to stop your wheels from turning by pushing against the rotors. Since your brake pads are the only buffer between the rotor and the calipers, worn-down brake pads will increase the chances of the two auto parts rubbing against one another. The friction created once the calipers, and the rotors are in contact with each other will cause damage to both components and subsequently cause your braking system to stop working altogether!

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