Top Tips When Choosing a Car Hire Service

28 June 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Sometimes, you may need to hire a car to help you get through your day to day activities. Choosing a car hire service is not an easy task if you have not used the service previously. The extract below discusses the various considerations you should make before hiring a car.  

The Company's Reviews

More often than not, the experience of previous customers is a reflection of the quality of services you will receive. Make an effort of checking the company's online reviews, or ask for referrals by word of mouth. The reviews will help you make a better choice, as you will have insight into the quality of cars, customer service and pricing.


Settle for a car that you can easily afford without straining. Inquire about hidden fees. For example, some companies will charge more if you are below twenty-five years of age. Read the company's terms and conditions to understand their policy regarding deposits and cancellations. Also, ask when payments should be made. 

You may have to pay more for executive services such as SUV or limousine hire. Companies that offer to deliver and pick the vehicle might charge some extra fee for the service.  

Safety of the Car

You will certainly not want your safety compromised while driving the car. The brakes, transmission, horn and lights must be fully functional. Open the bonnet and check out for oil leaks. Besides, check the levels of the coolant and washer fluid. There are various reasons to suspect that the car has an engine problem. For instance, it could jerk or produce a blue-white smoke. Do not attempt to hire the vehicle if you think it is faulty. You may end up paying for another person's mistakes. 

Hire a vehicle that suits your needs. For example, hiring a saloon car for an off-road camping expedition may not be practical. 

Insurance Required

You will need to have insurance even if you think you are an excellent driver. Most car hire companies will require you to take an excess insurance policy to cover any damages that might occur as you use the vehicle. 

Shop around to get the best rates. Always ask for a discount regardless of the season. Most car hire companies might give you an excellent price to promote customer loyalty. Reach out to car hire companies near you to learn more about their rules and your options in this process.