3 Critical Components to Look at When Preparing a Trailer for Axle Repairs

20 June 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you own a small trailer, then it is vital to take great care of its axles to prevent a mountain of woe from coming your way. Unfortunately, most trailer axle problems are either unknown, overlooked, or sometimes ignored. However, most trailer owners believe that trailer axle problems originate from the axle beam itself. Therefore, the owners fail to repair critical parts, and this often leads to extensive damages and expensive repairs. While an axle beam is the central part of the axle system, you need to make a point to look at attached components. This article looks at symptoms which indicate that your trailer axle is out of whack and needs repairs.


Some of the most significant problems that affect trailer axle performance originate from the bearing. The bearings might seem inexpensive both in terms of buying and maintenance, but the bearings play a crucial role in keeping a trailer axle in good working condition. It is for this reason that ungreased and neglected bearings overheat and consequently destroy the spindles and hubs. Moreover, the axle beam will start to vibrate and shake violently, which can lead to tire damage. If you keep bearings well maintained, then you will prevent costly axle repairs whenever a problem develops. 

Wheel Hubs

Wheels that detach from the axle when a trailer is in motion can cause fatal crashes on the road. Therefore, it is crucial that any damage to the wheel hubs is taken care of as soon as possible to avoid axle-related accidents. However, if you do not lubricate the wheel hub as required or the axle nuts are too tight or too loose, there will be negative consequences. For example, when loose axle nuts come off, the tire and axle will go in different directions. If the nuts are too tight, then the wheel will not rotate, thus causing wear to the axle system.


Watching your tires is another excellent way of ensuring that any axle repair costs remain low whenever there is a need to repair or service the component. This is because tires have telltale signs that show that your axle's condition is deteriorating. For instance, uneven tread wear, prematurely deteriorating tires and hard-to-control tires might be an indication of a misaligned axle. Immediate axle alignment will, therefore, correct these issues and protect you against potential accidents.

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